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Should We Cover Up? An Analysis on Implicity

Beyond just the visual spectrum, the question on how much skin people should be showing is increasing in its demand, controversy, and vulgarity. I'm going to be saying yes. But this is for reasons that have actual depth to them. I'll also mention upfront that while I'm mostly relating this to women since they're the exaggerated subject of this debate, all of everything I say will also apply to men as well...

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How to Get Bad Files Out of Your Unix Home Directory

This is a hack. And a poorly made one at that. This article serves as a last resort to more clean solutions...

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On The Importance of Citing Sources

In order to leave room for more honest discussions between people, it's vital that we go over why we hold the citing of sources to such a high degree in the first place...

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Why Odysee and Invidious over YouTube?

Most people don't like YouTube and we'll go over a few reasons why. Apart from that, I'll present a guide to remedy the issues addressed and make the web more enjoyable...

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The Fall of Scientism, Another False Prophet

The goal of everything presented here is to enable awareness of the failures of our modern trust in science. To do that we'll go over a few main points...

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The Circumstances Surrounding Thomas More's Utopia

The purpose of this article is to further open discussion for the larger consequences of Thomas More's Ideology as it was manifested in his book, Utopia...

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