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The Dotuser Directive, the dream for a better computing world for everyone.

Play Pong!

Websites I like

and my own Buttonboard, where my button can be found too.

  • lainchan.org- a fun imageboard site to waste time on. It's nothing special but it's what I'm used to.
  • widgets.org - a showcase site of widgets people can use, "No CSS hacks. No Images."
  • blackeye.org - just a random site I found. It looks like it can turn into something cool.
  • getimiskon.neocities.org - Guy I've "borrowed" css from before. His website is generally educational and fun to poke through.
  • olliepuppykat.neocities.org - Ollie's room OFC
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The Archives

> A school project I did on accident.

but beware, it's very embarrassing