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I am Kotagi

This is my website. I'll post anything relevant here ranging from hobbyist to professional. If you want direction, I would suggest that you play Pong!. When you're done with that, consider easing your game addict mind with some articles and/or videos.


I've started working on my gallery, you can find it here

Updates (mm/dd/yyyy)

05/15/2022 - New article about clothes, "Should We Cover Up? An Analysis on Implicity", find it here.

04/25/2022 - I made a new article called "How to Get Bad Files Out of Your Unix Home Directory". It can be found here!.

04/11/2022 - New article out, "On The Importance of Citing Sources"! You can find it here.

04/05/2022 - I added a chat room to the index page. Don't use it to plan first-degree murder.

04/02/2022 - The site as a frame is officially finished. Everything uploaded from here on should be actual postings instead of changing designs and minor color tweaks.

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