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Your Journey to the City of Ideology: A Step-by-Step Guide

Recapitulation for the unaware or insane

  1. If a person close to you has gone missing, do not look for them. You will not find them.
  2. Everyone else is gone. There are no more people everywhere else and more will disappear intermittently.
  3. This is a natural phenomenon. There is no body and no thing that can be taken .
  4. The City of Ideology is the only place where people don't seem to disappear.

How to get here

We're in Abeline, Texas. If you're outside the circle shown on the map then don't bother. You will die trying to get here unless you have a car or a plane or whatever. Also everything else is dead except for this one city.

Tips and Tricks

  • Moving fast seems to make you more likely to disappear, but this is only relative to your own body so things like cars and plans shouldn't kill you. So I guess if you're super desperate you can either summon one of those or.. jump?
  • This only affects people so don't worry about hoarding food or whatever of anything else you'd normally be hoarding. We don't have much space so decluttering is important.
  • Don't cut your hair. This isn't super important I just think it makes you look ugly

The Law of the City of Ideology

  1. When you enter the city, you'll either be given some kind of device or forced to hand over any you have as long as they have a camera. This device will be plugged in at all time and keep the individual in view. I will personally be watching at all times. If anybody disappears, their location is recorded and that radius will be the new limits of the City of Ideology.
  2. If anybody tells you to do anything, just do it.
  3. Only I know the passwords to every computer involved in the City of Ideology and I'm not willing to share. Without my infrastructure, survival is impossible. This is my grab for authority so I may be King. Even if you have a problem with this, you really don't have a choice.

Holding Up

Alternatively to all of this nonsense, you can visit the best website in the world! :D