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Dakota Gilmer

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Summary Profile

I am an efficient systems maintenance professional with over 4 years of experience supplemented by strong skills in leadership, hands-on problem solving, and low level analysis. I am seeking to contribute to the quality of files, malleable systems, and human relationships wherever I am found.


My background is largely in math relating to the enginnering and optimization of software. In this background, I have found success with the application of these principles in other fields such as cosmetology, chemistry, and interior design.


  • Systems Maintenance and Management
  • Progress-Driven Time Scheduling
  • Client-Based Website Design and Engineering
  • File Minification and Compression


  • The Grayson Delegate, a sole proprietorship centered around bringing the ethics of math and computer science to the beauty and hair industry.
  • The Dotuser Directive, an online, foundational group with the express purpose of building software that appeals to user-developers in full practicality.

Relevant Hobbies

  • Chemistry and Alchemy
  • Charitable Software Engineering
  • Graphical and UI Design