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The goal of the DotUser Directive is not just analogous to the Suckless project in philosophy, but also in full practicality

What's wrong with Suckless?

Although the suckless.org project consists of very good paragraph writers and programmers, in it are very few good users. In practical reality, the culmination of the mistakes that will be elaborated on later has resulted in a large userbase of people copying the config files of people like Luke Smith and Paradoxskin.

So, what causes these issues?

The root of these probelms largely have to do with their foundation/code in the first place, which is why it's unrealstic to simply ask for the current Suckless programs to change. A few more of the more notable follow here:

  • The consequences of config files
  • Low quality documentation
  • User and Developer rather than User-Developer

Suckless devs take pride in how the configuration files for their programs are in the same langauge as the program itself. Many have mentioned before how practically all professional software works this way (Especially window managers, of which dwm is likely the most famous Suckless project), but the criticism made here is that the configuration file distracts from where configuration can be in compiled programs: The source code itself. Having well explained, cleanly written code on top of decent communication easily replaces the need for a config file that, in the case of suckless programs, can be less than straightforward for those without experience.

What's the solution?

Thematically, the solution is as simple as you expect. We make the software ourselves! This can be thought of as some much needed competiton.

"Yeah, and those Suckless guys are Nazis too!"

That thought illustrates the exclusive ability to have missed the point. Nothing about this project has anything to do with making a political stand. Everyone is welcome to contribute and that means everyone.

Contributing to DotUser

If you'd like to contribute, email me at kotagi at tutanota.com